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As a Gen Xer, lifelong Trekkie, and self-proclaimed nerd, Christopher loves most to play in the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes with an eye to LGBTQIA+ representation and inclusion in both television and feature scripts. His personal journey also leads him to stories about religious and family trauma, connection, and finding your path.


Semifinalist, Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition 2022

Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2022

Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards - Diversity Initiative II 2022

Other Worlds Film Festival, Finalist 2022

Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 - Television Drama Writing Contest 2022

Quarterfinalist, Table Read My Screenplay - Park City 2023

Semifinalist, Stage 32 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenwriting Contest 2023

Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition 2023

Semi-Finalist, Universal Writers Lab 2023

Finalist, Palm Springs Diversity Screenplay Contest 2024

Pre-Rainbow Pages WGA Mentors Program 2024

Writer's Guild Foundation, Veteran's Writing Project 2024-25


One-hour episodic, Modern Fantasy

When a low-level Smithsonian archeologist saves the Vice-President from a demon attack using magic, the US government forms a secret team to deal with the new mystical threats.


AEGIS TV Poster image.jpg


One-hour episodic, Sci-Fi Space Opera

When a rebellion spy masquerading as a royal concubine breaks the first rule of being undercover, falling in love with his target, he is forced to choose between the prince he fell in love with and the freedom of the human race.

Earthrise TV Poster.jpg

Pride of the Magi

Feature, Modern Fantasy

When a gay climate scientist in New York City discovers magic is back, he must team up with his two best friends and the last of the old gods to stop an ancient evil that threatens to enslave the entire world.

Pride of the Magi movie poster.jpg

The Christmas Dinner

Feature, Dramedy


When his estranged father leaves him the family restaurant, a gay New York City food critic is stuck in his meddlesome Virginia hometown for the holidays determining whether to sell or keep the pillar of the community while also dealing with his feelings for a local favorite son he left behind years ago.

The Christmas Dinner poster.jpg

Additional Projects

The Boys - Spec Script

One-Hour Episodic, Drama

Set in season 2, the team must find an anonymous podcaster with inside information before the supes discover their identity and kill them.

Flame of Olympus - Treatment

Action Adventure Feature

When a new artifact is stolen from the Getty, the Olympian gods must recruit Zeus's last human descendant to stop a world ending disaster. Unfortunately, he's an Instagay go-go boy working at a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Crossroads - Treatment

One-Hour Pilot, Drama

When an American historian is yanked into a world where the US lost the revolutionary war, he must survive a resistance that doesn’t trust him and a government that wants him dead, if he is to find a way home.

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